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Day 3 Ankara – Bursa (B,L,D)

After breakfast, departure for Bursa,the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, a spa center. Supposed to be founded around 185 BC by Proussias I, the King of Bithynia – Proussa ad Olympium, ruled by Eumenus II – King of Pergamum, then by Romans and Byzantines, famous for its silk (see Bibl. ta metaxota tis Bursas – Soula Bozis) and thermals which gave full satisfaction to the Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora who visited them. Conquered by the Ottomans in 1326. However, the silk production and trade was mainly in the hands of the Greeks of the Asia Minor. There were 7 Greek Quarters in Bursa. And in 1804 there was founded the Greek school of Bursa as well as in 1874, the Geniki Filantropiki.

Eteria Bithinias and in 1904 Eugenidia Ekpedeftiria cultural centers of the regions. Start visit with the Green Mosque, one of the finest examples of Ottoman architecture. The mosque got its name from the wonderful green tiles which at one time covered the dome and the tops of the minarets. Evliya Celebi compared them to emeralds sparkling in the sunlight. Continue with Yesil Turbe, the tomb of Memet I who died in 1421. Its perfect proportions, its position between cypress trees at the top of a short flight of steps and its decoration outside and inside make it one of the most beautiful buildings in Turkey. Proceed with Ulu Cami (The great Mosque) constructed of a golden-hued limestone from Mt Olympus, it measures 56m by 68m and was the first congregational mosque erected by the Ottomans.  short-package-details2-d4.htmlAfter lunch, continue with the Bazaar for shopping. Visit the area of Mudanya (Moudania) in 25 km North Bursa, known from the Sinthiki to Moudanion. Some characteristic houses close to the seafront, wooden houses, the Railway Station is now a Museum.

The city has been built in the place of the old Mirlias. The crusaders gave her the actual name. Before the Exchange of the population there was 45,000 Greeks, 3 Churches, 6 Schools for boys and 2 for girls. It was also a summer resort for people of Istanbul and Bursa. 7 km West of Mudanya, there was the old Sigi now Kumyaka. There were a lot of Greeks about 4,000. the nature is marvellous, in the old village there was the church of Taxiarhi. Old wooden houses can be seen, the lokums are famous. Furthermore about 5 km from here, there was also the old Trilya, the today Zeytinbağ Village about 6,000 Greeks were there. A proeminent building was the Zarifia Ekpedeftiriou and there is also a mosque which was the church of Agios Stefanos. In the old times there were 7 churches and 3 monasteries. Continue to Uludag, the old Olympos Mountain, a fashionable ski station with very good hotels. After the tour, return to Hotel for dinner and overnight.

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