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Day 12 - Kusadasi - Izmir - Pergamon - Assos (B, L, D)

After breakfast, we drive to Izmir (Smyrma) where we have a short city tour of this city which was also home to  one of the oldest continually open churches of the revelation. We also visit Mount Pagus, the site of the martyrdom of St. Polycarp. We continue on to Pergamon to visit the Asklepion and the acropolis, the theater, the Temple of Athena and the Altar of Zeus, which John denounced to
Pergamon church members as the “Throne of Satan.” After lunch, we visit the Asklepion, the medical center of the ancient world. We drive to Assos where we will dine and spend the night.

  1. Day
Istanbul - Adana (D)
  2. Day
Adana - Antakya - Seulecia Pieria - Adana (B, L, D)
  3. Day
Adana - Tarsus - Cappadocia (B, L, D)
  4. Day
Cappadocia (B, L, D)
  5. Day
Cappadocia - Derbe - Lystra - Konya (B, L, D)
  6. Day
Konya - Antioch of Pisidia (Yalvac) - Antalya (B, L, D)
  7. Day
llya - Perge (Perga) - Aspendos - Antalya (B, L, D)
  8. Day
Antalya - Myra - Antalya (B, L, D)
  9. Day
Antalya - Colossae - Laodicea - Pamukkale (Hierapolis) (B, L, D)
  10. Day
Hierapolis - Philadelphia - Thyatira - Sardis - Kusadasi (B, L, D)
  11. Day
Kusadasi - Ephesus - Miletus - Kusadasi (B, L, D)
  12. Day
Kusadasi - Izmir - Pergamon - Assos (B, L, D)
  13. Day
Assos – Troy - Troas - Bursa (B, L, D)
  14. Day
Bursa - Nicea - Istanbul (B, L, D)
  15. Day
Istanbul (B, L, D)
  16. Day
Istanbul (B)


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