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Day 11 - Kusadasi - Ephesus - Miletus - Kusadasi (B, L, D)

After breakfast we visit the extensive ruins of Ephesus, one of the Seven Churches. Here we visit the theater where St. Paul preached to the Ephesians, the library, the Odeon, the Double Church where the Third Ecumenical Council was held in 431, and the Marble Road. We leave the ruins of the city proper to visit St. John's Basilica and the nearby House of Virgin Mary. After lunch we continue to Miletus, one of the principal Ionian cities and the home of Thales, a city that was visited twice by St. Paul. Here we visit the very well-preserved theater, the Byzantine Fortress, the Delphinion, the Nymphanion, the Bouleterium and the Faustina Baths. We return to Kusadasi for dinner and overnight.

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Istanbul - Adana (D)
  2. Day
Adana - Antakya - Seulecia Pieria - Adana (B, L, D)
  3. Day
Adana - Tarsus - Cappadocia (B, L, D)
  4. Day
Cappadocia (B, L, D)
  5. Day
Cappadocia - Derbe - Lystra - Konya (B, L, D)
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Konya - Antioch of Pisidia (Yalvac) - Antalya (B, L, D)
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llya - Perge (Perga) - Aspendos - Antalya (B, L, D)
  8. Day
Antalya - Myra - Antalya (B, L, D)
  9. Day
Antalya - Colossae - Laodicea - Pamukkale (Hierapolis) (B, L, D)
  10. Day
Hierapolis - Philadelphia - Thyatira - Sardis - Kusadasi (B, L, D)
  11. Day
Kusadasi - Ephesus - Miletus - Kusadasi (B, L, D)
  12. Day
Kusadasi - Izmir - Pergamon - Assos (B, L, D)
  13. Day
Assos – Troy - Troas - Bursa (B, L, D)
  14. Day
Bursa - Nicea - Istanbul (B, L, D)
  15. Day
Istanbul (B, L, D)
  16. Day
Istanbul (B)


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