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» Day 8 - Kusadasi / Dydma (Ionia) (B,L,D)

Miletus, Priene and Didyma are among Anatolia’s best preserved Ionian cities. We cover the 38 km between Kuşadası and Priene, the first Greek city to be built on a grid plan, in line with the Hippodamian plan. An important member of the Ionian League, Priene once was by the sea but now is in the hinterland. Its position at the foot of a rocky spur with on it the acropolis is particularly scenic. The city’s most important sanctuary was the Temple of Athena, of which are left only a few columns. Following the old road that crosses fields of cotton, we reach Miletus (22 km from Priene) which also was once situated by the sea and with four ports was one of the mightiest cities of Ancient Greece. Homeland of the first three major philosophers of antiquity, Thales, Anaximenes and Anaximander, the city still needs for the most part to be excavated, but the site is remarkable for its large Roman theatre and the thermal bath of Faustina. At a distance of another 22 km is Didyma, a ceremonial center where the Temple of Apollo can still be seen. A road made of marble, only partly unearthed, connected it to Miletus. The temple is of an impressive scale; its imposing columns were over 20 m high. We return to Kuşadası for dinner and to spend the night.

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Antalya (D)
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Antalya / Perge / Aspendos (Pamphylia) (B,L,D)
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Antalya / Kas (Lycia) (B,L,D)
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Kas / Fethiye (Lycia) (B,L,D)
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Fethiye / Bodrum (Caria) (B,L,D)
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Bodrum / Pamukkale (Caria / Phrygia) (B,L,D)
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Pamukkale / Kusadasi (Ionia) (B,L,D)
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Kusadasi / Dydma (Ionia) (B,L,D)
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Kusadasi / Smyrna (Ionia/lydia) (B,L,D)
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Smyrna / Canakkale (B,L,D)
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Canakkale / Istanbul (B,L,D)
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