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» Day 8 - Diyarbakir - Mardin (B, L, D)

We will spend the morning sightseeing in Diyarbakir (ancient Amida), a city whose history stretches back to the Hurrian Kingdom of Mitanni (1500 BC) and which, through its long history, was dominated by such civilizations as the Urartu, Assyrians, Persians, Alexander the Great, and Seleucids. Arabs later conquered the city and renamed it Diyar Bakir (land of copper). In 1085 it was conquered by the Seljuks and then the Ottomans took over in 1515. The highlights of our tour will be the Basalt Walls, one of the finest existing examples of medieval military architecture, the four old city gates, the Ulu Mosque (the Great Mosque) and the Church of St. Mary (17th century). In the afternoon we will drive to Mardin (old Marida) located on the south slope of a mountain, to visit the 1500 year old Monasteries. Mor Gabriel, Mor Yakup and Deyrul Zafaran, the old Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate as well as the Grand Mosque and the typical, beautiful Houses of Mardin. We will have our dinner and overnight stay in Mardin.

  1. Day
Istanbul –Kayseri (B,L,D)
  2. Day
Cappadocia (B,L,D)
  3. Day
Cappadocia-Adana (B,L,D)
  4. Day
Adana-Antakya-Iskenderun (B,L,D)
  5. Day
Iskenderun - Gaziantep - Sanliurfa (B, L, D)
  6. Day
Sanliurfa - Harran - Adiyaman (B, L, D)
  7. Day
Adiyaman - Nemrut - Diyarbakir (B, L, D)
  8. Day
Diyarbakir - Mardin (B, L, D)
  9. Day
Mardin - Midyat - Hasankeyf (B, L, D)
  10. Day
Mardin-Istanbul Flight (B,L,D)
  11. Day
Istanbul (B,L,D)
  12. Day
Istanbul (B)


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