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The tour will include the visits of;

Miletus: was one of the biggest cities in Anatolia. It was located on the trade routes and it was for this reason that it became very prosperous and had many colonies. Miletus is famous for its genius philosophers and architects, such as Thales,Anaksimandros, Anaksimenes, Hippodamos and Isidoros. Miletus is also famous for the Faustina Baths.

Didyma: It was a sacred place of worship. Didyma's fame rests on the magnificant Temple of Apollo, a building of awesome scale whose proportions seem more in keeping with the gods than man. Building works in the name of Apollo were started in the eighth or seventh centuries BC. For a hundred years during the Archaic period the Temple was controlled by the Branchids, a powerful family of priests, and it was under their direction that the Temple rose to fame.

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