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The tour will include the visits of;

Kaleici: A visit to the inner citadel (kale-ici) of Antalya is a step back into a history that stretches through time to the Roman and succeeding periods. A walk through the narrow, shade-providing streets of this picturesque old quarter reminds us of why we have chosen to visit Turkey and calls for us to return time and time again.

Hadrian Gate: The Roman Emperor Hadrian's visit to this city in his far-flung empire was marked by the construction of this tri-arched ceremonial gate.

Duden Waterfall:  Just 12 km northeast of Antalya, the Duden Waterfall actually constitutes a group of waterfalls formed by the Duden River.  The river ends when it drops off a rocky cliff that faces the Mediterrean Sea.  The view is simply magnificent and the temperatures of this lush spot provide a welcome relief of cool. 

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