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The tour will include the visits of;

Hellenistic and Roman vestiges: Odeon, Bouleterion, Fountains, Temples,Roman Baths.

The Library of Celsus: Renowned for its statues of four female figures symbolizing Wisdom, Knowledge, Intelligence and Valor.

The Great Theater: This theater is the spot where St Paul preached to Ephesians.

Ephesus Terrace Houses; The houses are a museum within an archeological sight, with great engravings, mosaics, wall sections, and original floors of the homes, which offer an incredible view into the lifestyle of the rich Ephesians.

Archaeological Museum: An interesting museum with thematic rooms. Such as Roman Period House Finds Room, Ivory Frieze, Medical and Cosmetic Tools, Status of Artemis, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Temple of Agustus, Sarcophagus with Muses.

St John’s Basilica: This large sixth century church was build by Justinian I over the burial site of John the Apostle.

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