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The tour will include the visits of;

Agora: The ancient agora of Izmir ranks as one of the greatest Roman agoras of the world. Here we will see the vestiges of a number of Roman and successive periods.

The Elevator: An interesting old  elevator built in 1907 with a donation by Nessim Levi that provides  a panoramic view of the Bay of Izmir.

Archaeological and Ethnographical Museums

The Archaeological Museum of Izmir exhibits an impressive collection of ancient and Roman artifacts
recovered from area excavations, including Bergama, Iasos, Bayrakli (Izmir's original settlement), and Izmir’s Agora.

A service path leads you to the gate of the museum grounds, which are full of wondrously oversize amphoras dating to the Hellenistic period, and columns and capitals arranged around the gardens as impromptu seating.

Note: Restoration works permitting, a visit to Mount Pagus may be added. This is the site of    Hellenistic Smyrna build by Alexander's General Lysimachus and the scene of the  martyrdom of St. Polycarp.

Full Day Tours: The extensive Smyrna full day tour can be organized by request and on a private basis. This tour adds visits to the International Fair Grounds, the Art and Culture Museum, and visits to the suburbs of Karsiyaka and Bayrakli (presumed birth place of Homeros), along with visits to the old Syrmna excavations at Tepekule. 


1- Smyrna Greek Heritage
2- Smyrna Levantine Heritage
Also available are visits to Izmir's environs of Boudja, Bornova, Seydikoy, Vourla, Alacati Cesme etc.
Please ask for details.

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